Brand: MacBook Stickers
Product Code: Apple Boom (2) MacBook Sticker
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€ 12.99

You really love nature, you just love trees and you obviously can’t get enough of Apple items. So now you need a decal that reflects the person that you are. With this decal your needs will be met. This decal will decorate your precious Macbook and flower up until 5 years, because that’s how long our decals last thanks to the high quality vinyl on which we produce them. Our decals are such great quality that even when you remove them they won’t leave any glue traces behind on your Macbook. With your cute little tree you will receive a manual and a transferfilm which will make it a piece of cake for you to apply and remove it on and from your Macbook. Are you ready for spring? Than this beauty is just what you need. 

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