Brand: MacBook Stickers
Product Code: Banksy Ballon MacBook Decal
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€ 9.99

Are you that real Banksy lover but are you also painfully aware of the fact that it’s not really affordable. Well we’ve got great news for you, because we offer you your own Banksy. From now on you can decorate your Macbook with this great Balloon Girl Banksy piece which is featured on the West Bank at Israel. This little girl makes you want to flow away from the world and escape into your own dream world. She comes with a manual and transferfilm so you can easily apply and remove her from your Macbook. And because she is made from the highest quality vinyl she won’t leave any glue marks on your Macbook when you remove her. From now on you own your personal Banksy and you can show it off for at least 5 years, because that’s how long our decals last. 

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