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Product Code: Love Logo MacBook Decal
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€ 4.99
All is love, love is all around us and all we need is love. Do you like to spread the word of love and do you wish to take it everywhere you go. From now on you can work on your Macbook and everyone will know your love for love by just taking a look at the back of your Macbook. There they will see a bright shining heart. This will be your new way of showing of your love. Or maybe you just like hearts, all good. Our decals are produced from high quality vinyl and that’s whey they won’t leave any glue behind whenever you decide to take them of and replace them with a new cool decal. With the manual and transferfilm that comes with your decal you can easily apply and remove your decal whenever you like. Or just leave it up there for the next 5 years, because that’s how long our decals last. 

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