Besides a webshop Kongdecals is a worldwide wholesaler for your Macbook and iPad decals. We provide your store or webshop with a wide collection black and colored high quality vinyl decals. We are even able to develop and produce your custom designed decals. 

Exclusively with Kongdecals you can now design a black or colored vinyl decal which represents your company logo or whatever design you give us. Our decals come with a transferfilm, a manual and are produced from the highest quality vinyl. They even last up to 5 years. 

As a Macbook and iPad decal wholesaler we are unique within the Netherlands and therefor able to offer you friendly prices. We only take in orders starting from 50 decals and we ship worldwide on low rates. 

Do you like to ad a unique product to your store? Wish to have a custom designed decal or do you wish to place a 50+ order? As your Macbook - and iPad decal wholesaler we are always here for you to help you out and provide you our best services. 

Any questions or do you want to place a direct order and get a bid? Contact us at: 

Thank you for visiting us. We wish you lots of joy with your Kongdecals Macbook - and iPad decals!